Antonova Oksana

Age: 27 years old

City: Тula

Diagnosis: Hodgkin lymphoma

Oksana is a remarkable young woman, who has fearlessly standing up the disease since December, 2011. It is even hard to imagine what Oksana had to bear during these years: endless courses of chemotherapy, radiation treatment, bone-marrow transplantation. There was a time when her relatives and friends were about to lose hope, but… Oksana – never.

Nearly a year passed since bone-marrow transplantation was done…. and Oksana is still in remission. But the girl’s immune resistance is so weak, that she is permanently suffering from various infections. Sometime ago her state got worse and she urgently needed a full health screening, antibiotics and high cost medicine Octagam treatment. The cost of treatment amounted to 500 000 of rubles, and Oksana’s family could not cover the expenses. Our foundation took a decision to help the girl, and currently Oksana is having the medical check-up at Rogachev Center. We sincerely hope that Oksana will cope with everything again.

Lanskoy Anton 

Age: 22 years old

City: Moscow

Dignosis: Idiopathic aplastic anemia

Aplastic anemia (AA) is a deadly disease in which the bone marrow, and the blood stem cells that reside there, are damaged. This causes a deficiency of all three blood cell types (pancytopenia): red blood cells (anemia), white blood cells (leucopenia), and platelets (thrombocytopenia). Aplastic refers to inability of the stem to generate the mature blood cells. It is most prevalent in people in their twenties and can be caused by exposure to chemical, drugs, radiation, immune disease, but in about half the cases that cause is unknown – in this case it is called idiopathic aplastic anemia.

It is a rather rare disease (5 cases per 1million of people annually). Precisely from this category comes our new patient – amazingly charming Anton Lanskoy of 22 years old.

It seems absolutely incredible that someone or something could modify the ambitious plans of a successful, handsome young man, who led an active lifestyle, being engaged in diverse sports activities. Still by some unhappy quirk of fate Anton’s life radically changed. The misfortune came into a well-to-do family like a thunder-stone from a clear sky. Neither Anton nor his young wife or relatives could realize that this all wasn’t a bad dream.

In February 2014 in a very cold day after being frozen Anton noticed hemorrhagic syndrome – bruises and skin rash covered the body. Given that his wife was pregnant, they immediately consulted the doctors to exclude the infectious diseases. When the haemogram results were received Anton immediately was hospitalized to the Central clinical hospital. On the 27th of February the patient was transferred to the Haematological scientific center of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences (RAMS) for the diagnosis confirmation and the follow-up examination. The cytological, cytogenetic and histological analysis regretfully proved the diagnosis. It was idiopathic aplastic anemia. In the meantime Anton’s state was getting each day worse. He lost appetite and could hardly move.

In April 2014 Anton had the first course of immunosuppressive therapy (ATGAM) with a good response. However the following period was aggravated by a numerous infectious complications and the doctors had to start the antimicrobial and fungicide treatment.

On the 19th of September Anton was hospitalized to the department of adolescents and young adults of the FSCC PHOI n.a. Dmitry Rogachev. In the course of treatment in one of the best medical centers in Russia Anton finally demonstrated a positive dynamics – he started to walk again and put on weight. Given his more or less stable state since the 1st of October he receives the treatment on the basis of day patient facility. That means that Anton returned home to his wife and 2-months child and comes to the Center two – three times a week.

Our charitable foundation learnt about Anton from our colleagues in the Center, who requested the financial assistance. The case is that the medicine demanded for Anton’s therapy is very expensive and the young family just can’t afford to cover the expenses.

Shortly after the request the Foundation made the money transfer to the Center on the total amount of RUB 686 048, 26 for a 2-months treatment. At the end of the year after the control medical survey the doctors will decide upon further therapeutic approach.


05/11/2014 - Today Anton's birthday! He is 23. We sincerely with you all the best. Be strong! We are with you.

05/12/2014 - The doctors from the Center of Dmitry Rogachev revised the treatment tactics, having included another expensive medicine - Revolade. Our Foundation has transferred the additional amount of RUR 880 166,19. But this sum will be enough till the end of the year.

15/01/2015 - The new treatment tactics offered by the doctors of Rogachev Center proved to be very effective. The latest blood counts showed great improvement. Let's keep fingers crossed.

25/03/2015 - We have great news. The remission is achieved. Our special acknoledgement to the doctors of the Center of Dmitry Rogachev!

Kochetkov Vasily

Age: 21 years old

City: Chita

Diagnosis: Burkitt's lymphoma

Vasily Kochetkov from Chita is a new patient of our Charity Foundation.

We learnt about Vasya’s situation from the Ambassador of Israel in the Russian Federation Mrs. Dorit Golender, who responded to the request of financial support to the young man, undergoing the medical treatment at Hadassah (Ein Kerem) University Hospital. The request came from the Kochetkov family and the Group of companies “Smart”, which tried to do their best to help Vasily. The decision was to be taken within the shortest possible period of time.

In March, 2013 Vasily Kochetkov, being at the military service in the Russian army, felt acute abdomen pain, followed by the fever heat. However, only in May, 2013 his parents managed to force his move to Moscow military hospital n.a. N.N. Burdenko, where the young man was diagnosed with Burkitt’s lymphoma of the 4th stage.

Vasily underwent surgery with a partial stomach resection, and in the period from July, 2013 up to January, 2014 he had 7 courses of chemotherapy with accordance to R-CHOP protocol. After the treatment Vasya was sent home from hospital with the full remission confirmed, but five months later in May, 2014 the disease relapse happened. The Russian medical oncological centers refused to accept Vasily, finding him incurable. The only possibility to save the young man was to address the international hospitals.

In July, 2014 Vasily was hospitalized to Hadassah University hospital (Jerusalem, Israel). The amount of money needed for the first course of chemotherapy was raised by the “Smart” company, but they failed to cover the additional course of chemotherapy and high cost autologous bone marrow transplantation. It was a question of millions of rubles……

We were requested for help at the moment when only 3 days were left for the decision making: whether to transfer the money in advance basis, and in this case Vasya got a chance for survival, or he had to come back home……

The President of our Foundation took a decision to cover all the expenses related to further stay and treatment of Vasily Kochetkov at Hadassah University Hospital. The amount of USD 109 457,00 (USD 97984.42 for TBM and USD 11473.03 for the chemotherapy) was immediately transferred directly to Hadassah, and the patient again found himself under control of the leading doctors of one of the oldest medical centers in Israel.

We sincerely hope that we will manage to save another young life!

25/08/2014 - Our Vasya has successfully passed the second course of chemotherapy. He feels very well! God blesses you!

03/09/2014 - The doctors from Hadassah hospital decided that Vasily should have another course of chemopherapy before the autologous TBM. He was hospitalised to Hadassah today.

10/09/2014 - Vasya has successfully gone through the second course of chemotherapy. He is currently undergoing the supporting treatment before the stem cell apheresis, planned for September, 14.

15/09/2014 - Yesterday apheresis demonstrated that Vasily is a poor mobilizer and urgently needs injection of a very expensive medicine Mozobil, one dose of which costs USD 10 550. Our Foundation again covers the expenses. We sincerely hope that tomorrow the doctors will be more successful.

22/09/2014 - After the injection of Mozobil the quantity of stem cells doubled and reached the lower limit of normal. Yesterday the doctors took a decision of collecting surgically the additional quantity of stem cells. We are waiting for the results now.

30/09/2014 - Regretfully, the early relapse happened which postponed the transplantation. Vasya had another course of chemotherapy and now we are waitng for doctors' decision about the terms of TBM.

13/10/2014 - Vasya has basically recovered after the chemotherapy and all the blood levels are in the norm. We all hope that the first phase of the transplantation will start till the end of the week.

20/10/2014 - We have finally reached the most important stage of the treatment - the transplantation of the bone marrow, which took place yesterday. Vasia is feeling satisfactory after a rather hard procedure.


Today is Vasya's birthday! We have found the picture, taken in the past, when he was happy and careless, full of health and strengh! 

We all sincerely wish him only one thing - absolute recovery!! Happy birthday, Vasya!

28/10/2014 - Vasya is struggling through the reabilitation period.. Sometimes his state is close to critical. We all worry about him....

12/11/2014 - Vasya is getting every day better. The doctors managed to stabilize his condition. 

27/11/2014 - Regretfully according to the PET scan results there is a residual small pelvic mass, which is FDG avid. Vasya is facing a 3-week course of radiotheraphy, which is to start on Sunday. Today our foundation transferred the additional amount of money - 16 075.33 USD

25/12/2014 Today is a very hard day for us. Vasya has passed away..... No matter how hard we all tried to help him - all the efforts were in vain... Rest in peace... We will never forget you.


Kalashnikova (Shumilova) Lubov 

Age: 23 years old

City: Irkutsk

Diagnosis: Primary mediastinal large B-cell lymphoma

Our new patient – is an amazingly subtle, beautiful and fragile Lubov Shumilova. Оn the 12th of April the Shumilov’ family was stuck down with terrible and sudden news - the eldest daughter Luba was diagnosed the cancer. This dreadful news was a real shock, especially given that Luba had got married just a week before and after the diploma defense at the Eastern Siberian University of Internal Affairs the newly-weds planned to go for a honeymoon.

The illness flew absolutely asymptomatically, and nobody was prepared for the diagnosis: diffuse large B-cell lymphoma in one moment rocked the world of the happy family.

On the 21st of April Luba was hospitalized to Irkutsk regional oncological center, where she stayed till May, 23 without getting any treatment. From the discharge epicrisis the parents learnt that the doctors took a decision to have palliative chemotherapy – in other words the doctors admitted that they could do nothing to save Luba’s life.

Luba’s parents could not reconcile to this decision, and they immediately forwarded the medical documents to the Center of oncogematology n.a. Dmitry Rogachev. The medical commission consisted of Chief Professor Novichkova G.A., Deputy Chief Professor Litvinov D.V. and Head of department of hematology and oncology for teenagers Ptushkin V.V. studied the case and confirmed that they could accept Luba, but given her age only on a commercial basis.

Luba’s parents took a decision to go Moscow without any delay, and on the 26th of May the first course of chemotherapy was already started. To cover the expenses they had to sell an apartment and a car, but the amount of Rub. 1 600 000 was enough only to pay for 2 courses of chemotherapy.

Our foundation did not stay impassive to Luba’s story, and Mark Kaufman decided to cover all further expenses related to the girl’s stay and treatment at Dmitry Rogachev Center. The first money transfer was on the amount of RUB 1 246 197,18.

Recent examination proved that after 2 courses of chemotherapy the tumor became 73% smaller. On the 9th of July the third course started. We all full of hope and optimism.

24/07/14 - We have good news from Luba. Despite the illness she successfully graduated from the Eastern Siberia University of Internal Affairs, having gained the diploma of lawyer. Our congratulations!

Below you will find some pictures from the past students life.



30/07/14 - Today the forth course of chemotherapy has started. It is obvious that patients become weaker every day and it is more and more difficult to bear the treatment. Luba - is not an exception. We wish you strength of mind and courage.

20/08/14 - This is the first day of the fifth course. Good luck, Luba.

10/09/14 - Today the sixth course of chemotherapy has started. It will be followed by the control medical survey, which will determine the further treatment plan. There is a strong chance that Luba could be released from the hospital with the full remission. Let's hope and believe!

22/09/14 - The 6th course of chemotherapy is finished. This is a rehabilitation period now. The control survey is to start on the 26th of September. We will be waiting for the results....

01/10/14 - The control survey showed the positive dynammics, but much to our upset the full remission was not achieved. Today the 7th course of chemotherapy has started. Another one, hopefully, the last one will follow.

12/10/14 - Given the stable condition, the doctors let Luba come home for several days till the next course of chemotherapy, set for the 22nd of October.

28/10/14 - The last course of chemotheraphy is over. In two weeks Luba will have the control medical survey which is to finish on the 11th of November. Then we will know for sure whether the full remission is achieved. Let's keep fingers crossed.

12/11/14 - Regretfully, the full remission was not achieved. Luba is to continue the treatment. The doctors are to take a decision today about the future therapeutic approach.

17/11/14 - Starting from tomorrow Luba will get the radiotherapy. The doctors believe that this is the final stage of the treatment.

Meanwhile we post Luba's picture "The Little Prince" - full of hope and love!

15/12/14 - The full course of treatment, including 8 courses of chemotherapy and 3-weeks course of radiotherapy is finished. The doctors believe that the full remission is achieved. But we still wait for the control medical survey in February. In the meantime Luba came back home and will spend the New Year holiday among the relatives and close friends.

17/02/15 - The control medical check-up has started today. The resualts will be known by the end of the week. We still hope and believe!

20/02/15 - It finally happened! Full remission is achieved! To say we are happy - just to say NOTHING!




Rubina Lubov

Age: 18 years old

City: Barnaul

Diagnosis: Anaplastic large cell lymphoma

When a misfortune comes to your family, the parents and relatives ask one and the same question. Why did it happen to us? And why did it happen to our child? It is useless to waste time trying to find an answer. What is relevant is to face bravely a horrible disease and tough it out together.

When Luba was diagnosed with a frightful disease -  Nestis Schwannoma – the chances for survival were nil.

After the medical checkup at the Rogachev Center, the diagnosis, fortunately, was not confirmed, and the best oncologists – hematologists in Russia started the treatment.

Lubov Rubina was admitted to the Center of Dmitry Rogachev in December, 2013.

On the 25th of December, 2013 the doctors commenced the therapy with accordance to the protocol ALK+13, in the framework of which the girl received 2 chemotherapy cycles.

The treatment gave the encouraging results, and the doctors’ prognosis was quite favorable.  But on the 8th of March Luba reached the age of 18, and despite the positive dynamics, the Center could not continue the treatment using the state budget funds. The girl had 3 chemotherapy cycles left. The cost of the first stage of treatment was RUB 886 348,40, and it was fully financed personally by Mark Kaufman.

Today Luba still undergoes the treatment at the Rogachev center. The last chemotherapy cycle is left. The prognosis is really encouraging, and we sincerely believe that together with the Center of Children Oncology named after Dmitry Rogachev we will manage to help the girl to be back to the normal life.

04/05/14 - Luba finished the last course of chemotherapy. She is still in the Center of Rogachev under the care of oncologists. Currently the blood levels are very low, and the gils's condition is still unstable. After the blood stabilisation the doctors plan to have the control medical survey to decide when Luba can finally leave the Center. To proceed the control analysis our Foundation made the transfer on the amount of RUB 212 094,85. Thus, the total cost of Luba's treatment at the Center of Dmitry Rogachev, fully covered by our Foundation, amounts to RUB 1 098 443, 25.

We all hope that on the 9th of May Luba will be able to celebrate the holiday in the bosom of beloved family.

13/05/14 - Though our charming girl was released from the Center only on the 13th of May, it no way affected our cheerful and optimistic spirits. Many thanks to the doctors for their professionalism, to Luba for her courage and strong character, and to her mother for an immense support. Now you can follow Luba's story in our section "WE HELPED".



Alexander Ten

Age: 18 years old

City: Baykonur

Diagnosis: Embryonal carcinoma

Alexander Ten was admitted to the Center of Dmitry Rogachev in February, 2014. His diagnosis was the embryonal carcinoma with mediastinum, retroperitoneal lymph nodes, and liver involvement.

After the medical testing the Center commenced the therapy with accordance to the protocol “MAKEY-96” (block PEI).

Before Alexander attained the age of 18 (April, 12th) he received three chemotherapy cycles. However his treatment was not over. Currently Sasha is undergoing the medical monitoring survey, and in the nearest future the doctors are to make a decision with regards to the further treatment. Most probably he will face the surgery with the additional courses of chemotherapy.

Given that Alexander Ten is already 18, the Center of Dmitry Rogachev cannot continue treatment, financed from the federal budget. That is the reason why Mark Kaufman decided to cover all the expenses related to the boy’s stay and treatment in the Center. At the moment Mark Kaufman transferred the amount of RUB 533 640, and after the doctors decide upon the further therapeutic approach, the Foundation will cover the additional expenses from Mark Kaufman’s personal finances.

The doctors’ current prognosis is quite favorable, and we hope that together with the Center we will be able to save another life.

04/05/14 - The control medical survey proved that after 3 circles of chemotherapy the malignant tumor decreased in size on 77,7% and became fit for surgery. To proceed the treatment our foundation transferred the additional amount of RUB 536 550.

On the 29th of April Sasha had the surgery. After 3 days of staying in the emergency and the intensive care department, he was trasferred to the general surgical ward. The young man's condition is sill grave, but we believe that he is strong enough to cope with all the difficulties. After the stabilisation period Sasha will face another chemotherapy course ..... hopefully the last one.

14/05/14 - Sasha fearlessly got through a tough postoperative period, and today the fourth course of chemotherapy has started. We all pray it will be the last one.

19/05/14 - Yesterday was the last day of the fourth course of chemotherapy. After the recovery Sasha will have a control medical survey, resulted either in discharge from the Center, or in continuation of the therapy. Our foundation transferred the additional amount of RUB 626 986,20 to carry out the medical testing.

27/05/14 - Sasha has fully recovered after the fouth circle of chemotherapy. Tomorrow the control medical survey is to start. We are anxiously waiting for the results....

29/05/14 - Today Sasha has passed the Unified State Exam in Russian. In a week time he will face Maths. Good luck! 

05/06/14 - Math is over! Hurray!

10/06/14 - Tomorrow Sasha will have a final control survey which is to show whether he will go home to finally meet his family and friends, or will have to stay at the Center with the surgery ahead. Let's pray!

19/06/14 - Long - awaited day of dismissal from hospital. The control survey proved the full remission. Sasha is going home! You may follow the news of Sasha's life in the section "WE HELPED".