Anton Lanskoy

 Age: 22 years old

City: Moscow

Dignosis: Idiopathic aplastic anemia

Aplastic anemia (AA) is a deadly disease in which the bone marrow, and the blood stem cells that reside there, are damaged. This causes a deficiency of all three blood cell types (pancytopenia): red blood cells (anemia), white blood cells (leucopenia), and platelets (thrombocytopenia). Aplastic refers to inability of the stem to generate the mature blood cells. It is most prevalent in people in their twenties and can be caused by exposure to chemical, drugs, radiation, immune disease, but in about half the cases that cause is unknown – in this case it is called idiopathic aplastic anemia.

It is a rather rare disease (5 cases per 1million of people annually). Precisely from this category comes our patient – amazingly charming Anton Lanskoy of 22 years old.

It seems absolutely incredible that someone or something could modify the ambitious plans of a successful, handsome young man, who led an active lifestyle, being engaged in diverse sports activities. Still by some unhappy quirk of fate Anton’s life radically changed. The misfortune came into a well-to-do family like a thunder-stone from a clear sky. Neither Anton nor his young wife or relatives could realize that this all wasn’t a bad dream.

In one very cold February day after being frozen Anton noticed hemorrhagic syndrome – bruises and skin rash covered the body. Given that his wife was pregnant, they immediately consulted the doctors to exclude the infectious diseases. When the haemogram results were received Anton immediately was hospitalized to the Central clinical hospital. Soon the patient was transferred to the Haematological scientific center of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences (RAMS) for the diagnosis confirmation and the follow-up examination. The cytological, cytogenetic and histological analysis regretfully proved the diagnosis. It was idiopathic aplastic anemia. In the meantime Anton’s state was getting each day worse. He lost appetite and could hardly move.

In two months he had the first course of immunosuppressive therapy (ATGAM) with a good response. However the following period was aggravated by a numerous infectious complications and the doctors had to start the antimicrobial and fungicide treatment.

When Anton was hospitalized to the department of adolescents and young adults of the FSCC PHOI n.a. Dmitry Rogachev he finally started to demonstrate a positive dynamics – he started to walk again and put on weight. Given his more or less stable state since he received the treatment on the basis of day patient facility. That means that Anton returned home to his wife and 2-months child and comes to the Center two – three times a week.

Our charitable foundation learnt about Anton from our colleagues in the Center, who requested the financial assistance. The case is that the medicine demanded for Anton’s therapy is very expensive and the young family just can’t afford to cover the expenses.

Shortly after the request the Foundation made the money transfer to the Center on the total amount of RUB 686 048, 26 for a 2-months treatment. Then there was demanded another course of treatment and our Foundation again helped the young man. The total amount of the financial assistance was Rub 1 566 214,00. after the successful treatment Anton achieved the full remission and now you may follow his story in the section "WE HELPED".