Anvar Fazliev


Age: 29 y.o.

Country: Uzbekistan

Diagnosis: Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia

When a young man, being at the height of health, power and youth, feels weakness and sickliness at the age of 29, the last what comes to his mind is the frightful mortal diagnosis Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia.

Our new patient Anvar did not become an exception. Since October 2015 feeling sick the young man underwent the treatment for bronchitis and flu, without giving it a second thought and not realizing how seriously he was in a trouble.

When the blood test proved the leucocytosis, it was a bolt from the blue, and Anvar being the doctor himself, did not need any further explanations. The only question was how it all could be true… 

On the 1st of December Anvar was admitted to Moscow municipal clinical hospital n.a S.P. Botkin to the 6th hematology unit, where starting from December 4th he is under the induction therapy in accordance with the ALL – 2009 protocol. However, given that Anvar is not the Russian citizen, he has to cover the high-priced treatment at his own expenses which ran off after the first course of chemotherapy.

Mark Kaufman, President of our Foundation took a decision of rendering the financial assistance to Anvar, having transferred the amount of RUR 1 104 240.

According the latest medical check after the first course of chemotherapy Anvar responsed to the treatment and the doctors’ prognosis is favorable.

Currently Anvar is passing through the forth course of chemotherapy and his state is stable.

January, 2017

After almost a year of treatment in the Botkin hospital Anvar was capable of taking a new lease of life, coming back to join the family, friends and colleagues. However he still has to pass through 1- year maintenance therapy, that he can’t financially cope with alone. The President of the Foundation Mark Kaufman took a decision of continuing of rendering the financial support to Anvar, thus the amount of RUR 420 000 was transferred to the Botkin hospital. We express our sincere gratitude to Mr. Vinokurov S. for the participation in the patient’s fate.