Lubov Kalashnikova


Age: 23 years old

City: Irkutsk

Diagnosis: Primary mediastinal large B-cell lymphoma

When Luba was diagnosed the cancer, this dreadful news was a real shock, especially given that Luba had got married just a week before and after the diploma defense at the Eastern Siberian University of Internal Affairs the newly-weds planned to go for a honeymoon.

The illness flew absolutely asymptomatically, and nobody was prepared for the diagnosis: diffuse large B-cell lymphoma in one moment rocked the world of the happy family.

Luba was hospitalized to Irkutsk regional oncological center, where she stayed two weeksa without getting any treatment. From the discharge epicrisis the parents learnt that the doctors took a decision to have palliative chemotherapy – in other words the doctors admitted that they could do nothing to save Luba’s life.

Luba’s parents could not reconcile to this decision, and they immediately forwarded the medical documents to the Center of oncogematology n.a. Dmitry Rogachev. The medical commission consisted of Chief Professor Novichkova G.A., Deputy Chief Professor Litvinov D.V. and Head of department of hematology and oncology for teenagers Ptushkin V.V. studied the case and confirmed that they could accept Luba, but given her age only on a commercial basis.

Luba’s parents took a decision to go Moscow without any delay. the following day the first course of chemotherapy was started. To cover the expenses they had to sell an apartment and a car, but the amount of Rub. 1 600 000 was enough only to pay for 2 courses of chemotherapy.

Our foundation did not stay impassive to Luba’s story, and Mark Kaufman decided to cover all further expenses related to the girl’s stay and treatment at Dmitry Rogachev Center. The total amount of the financial support rendered to Luba was Rub 1 375 937,59.

After several months of the effective treatment the full remission was achieved. Now you may follow Luba's story in the section "WE HELPED".