Lubov Rubina

Age: 18 years old

City: Barnaul

Diagnosis: Anaplastic large cell lymphoma

When a misfortune comes to your family, the parents and relatives ask one and the same question. Why did it happen to us? And why did it happen to our child? It is useless to waste time trying to find an answer. What is relevant is to face bravely a horrible disease and tough it out together.

When Luba was diagnosed with a frightful disease - Nestis Schwannoma – the chances for survival were nil.

After the medical checkup at the Rogachev Center, the diagnosis, fortunately, was not confirmed, and the best oncologists – hematologists in Russia started the treatment.

Lubov Rubina was admitted to the Center of Dmitry Rogachev where the doctors commenced the therapy with accordance to the protocol ALK+13, in the framework of which the girl received 2 chemotherapy cycles.

The treatment gave the encouraging results, and the doctors’ prognosis was quite favorable.  But  Luba reached the age of 18, and despite the positive dynamics, the Center could not continue the treatment using the state budget funds. The girl had 3 chemotherapy cycles left. The total cost of tretment arised to RUB 1 098 443, 25 and was fully covered by our Foundation.

The following Luba's life story you can follow in our section "WE HELPED".