Oksana Antonova

Age: 27 years old

City: Тula

Diagnosis: Hodgkin lymphoma

Oksana is a remarkable young woman, who has fearlessly standing up the disease since December, 2011. It is even hard to imagine what Oksana had to bear during these years: endless courses of chemotherapy, radiation treatment, bone-marrow transplantation. There was a time when her relatives and friends were about to lose hope, but… Oksana – never.

Nearly a year passed since bone-marrow transplantation was done…. and Oksana is still in remission. But the girl’s immune resistance is so weak, that she is permanently suffering from various infections. Sometime ago her state got worse and she urgently needed a full health screening, antibiotics and high cost medicine Octagam treatment. The cost of treatment amounted to 500 000 of rubles, and Oksana’s family could not cover the expenses. Our foundation took a decision to help the girl.

Today the doctors' prognosis is more than favourable. Oksana regulalry passes the medical check-up at the Rogachev Center, proving the stable state of the full remission. We are happy to say that now you can follow her story in the section "WE HELPED".