Vasily Kochetkov

Age: 21 years old

City: Chita

Diagnosis: Burkitt's lymphoma

We learnt about Vasya’s situation from the Ambassador of Israel in the Russian Federation Mrs. Dorit Golender, who responded to the request of financial support to the young man, undergoing the medical treatment at Hadassah (Ein Kerem) University Hospital. The request came from the Kochetkov family and the Group of companies “Smart”, which tried to do their best to help Vasily. The decision was to be taken within the shortest possible period of time.

Vasily Kochetkov, being at the military service in the Russian army, felt acute abdomen pain, followed by the fever heat. His parents managed to force his move to Moscow military hospital n.a. N.N. Burdenko, where the young man was diagnosed with Burkitt’s lymphoma of the 4th stage.

Vasily underwent surgery with a partial stomach resection, and in the relatively short period he had 7 courses of chemotherapy with accordance to R-CHOP protocol. After the treatment Vasya was sent home from hospital with the full remission confirmed, but five months later the disease relapse happened. The Russian medical oncological centers refused to accept Vasily, finding him incurable. The only possibility to save the young man was to address the international hospitals.

Thus Vasily was hospitalized to Hadassah University hospital (Jerusalem, Israel). The amount of money needed for the first course of chemotherapy was raised by the “Smart” company, but they failed to cover the additional course of chemotherapy and high cost autologous bone marrow transplantation. It was a question of millions of rubles……

We were requested for help at the moment when only 3 days were left for the decision making: whether to transfer the money in advance basis, and in this case Vasya got a chance for survival, or he had to come back home……

The President of our Foundation took a decision to cover all the expenses related to further stay and treatment of Vasily Kochetkov at Hadassah University Hospital. The amount of USD 109 457,00 (USD 97984.42 for TBM and USD 11473.03 for the chemotherapy) was immediately transferred directly to Hadassah, and the patient again found himself under control of the leading doctors of one of the oldest medical centers in Israel. Regretfully Vasya was getting each day worse. No matter how hard we all tried to help him - all the efforts were in vain... Rest in peace... We will never forget you.