Letter of the President

Dear Friends and Colleagues. Yes, Friends and Colleagues, and it does not matter - acquaintances or strangers, but simply those who do care about the fate of others... otherwise, why would you find yourself on our Foundation’s page?

 I have been in charity for almost 30 years now. First, like in case of many other entrepreneurs, the activity was chaotic: I simply gave money upon multiple individual appeals. Then, in 2002, we created this Foundation, which is already 20 this year. The purpose of the Foundation was to help the young gifted men in various fields of activity: science, literature, education, art, culture. I thought that this way we could make our own, albeit small, contribution to the future - after all, are not these young talented people our Future in reality?

 I presume that we could be proud of what had been done - interesting and important programs with the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Moscow School of Economics at Moscow State University, our partnership with such outstanding people as O.P. Tabakov and V.T. Spivakov, and many others. Some of these programs continue up present days.

 In 2014, we took on the challenge of treating cancer of adolescents and young adults. In addition to direct assistance to specific patients, the Foundation focused on the infrastructure projects designed to help not a certain patient, but to create the necessary conditions for the treatment of many. A comprehensive program for the advanced education of doctors arose organically so far, and especially - in the field of diagnostics – what became an essential part of our Foundation’s​activity. Eventually, an incorrect or inaccurate diagnosis automatically means ineffective treatment. Having trained one doctor, we greatly increase the chances of saving tens, if not hundreds of his future patients!

Since 2015, the Foundation has been expanding the scope of its international activities, both geographically beyond Russia and thematically. As a result, the Foundation has implemented several significant projects in Israel, Monaco, and Croatia.

The year of 2020 has definitely made certain adjustments. For more than two years, the fight against the pandemic has become our main and almost the only activity. From the very first months it broke out, we began to help medical institutions in different countries in providing vital equipment and protective materials for medical staff.

We are sincerely proud to be among the first private foundations to have immediately started working in this area.

Thanks God, the pandemic has receded or has at least become less deadly dangerous. It is so symbolic that our first initiative in the field of medicine in after-pandemic period was a project related to childbirth – and this is the purchase of a new generation lung ventilator for prematurely born children!

Today our Foundation celebrates its 20th anniversary! Looking back, I can honestly say that I like what we have managed to do over these years. If you feel same, join us! You will find the comprehensive information in the section “DO YOU WANT TO HELP?”


Thank you again!


Mark Kaufman

November 18, 2022.


Over 95% of the activities of the Foundation are financed from the personal funds of Prof. Mark Kaufman.