Letter of the President

Dear Friends and Colleagues! Yes, exactly Friends and Colleagues, and it does not matter whether we know each other or not… in any case you are the people who care about others – otherwise why are you here, visiting the website of our Charity Foundation?

I have been working on the charity activities for almost 20 years now. Initially, like many other businessmen, I was acting rather chaotically, just giving the money whenever I was referred for help. Later on, in 2002 we founded Kauffman Charity Foundation, and its mission was to support the young talents in various fields: science, literature, education, culture and art.

We deeply believed that this way we could contribute at least modestly to the future of Russia, because these particular young and gifted people are our future in reality. I believe that we deserve the right to feel proud of what have been done in the past… of really important and challenging programs in partnership with Russian Academy of Sciences and Moscow School of Economics of Moscow State University; of our close cooperation with outstanding celebrities as O.P. Tabakov, V.T. Spivakov, and many others.

Starting from March, 2014 we plunged into the problem of children and young adult oncology. And beside the direct help to the concrete patients, the Foundation focused, if it is possible to say so, on the infrastructural projects, aimed not at rendering the assistance to a certain patient, but to provide the necessary conditions to cure many of them… including granting the Russian doctors the access to the best modern practices of curing the cancer worldwide.

Thus, the Foundation financed the establishing of a new Adolescent and Young Adult Oncology Unit in the Sheba (Israel) - the leading and the most advanced Cancer Treatment Center in the Middle East and one of the most acknowledged hospitals in the world.

Today on the basis of the Pediatric Hemato – oncology department is implemented a unique experimental cancer treatment method on the ground of genome based tailored personalized therapy. In this revolutionary research activity are as well involved the Russian specialists from the Cancer Center n.a. Dmitry Rogachev, who completed the genome therapy training at Sheba – what was one of the basic conditions of allocating the grant to the programme on behalf of our Foundation.

In general one of the missions of the Foundation is the participation in the global programme of implementing the high – end scientific technologists in genome and molecular cancer therapy in the protocol stack, financed by the national healthcare systems.

The comprehensive programme of the upgrade skills and qualifications of doctors and primarily in the sphere of diagnostics is the second relevant branch of our Foundation activity. The wrong or imprecise diagnosis implies the wrong and ineffective treatment. Providing just one doctor with an opportunity to get the advanced education in the field, we multiple the chances to cure the dozens and even hundreds of patients! Our Foundation finances both international projects (as the above-mentioned partnership between Sheba and D. Rogachev Center) and national ones inside Russia, when more technologically advanced hospitals like Dmitry Rogachev Cancer Center render systematic assistance to other medical institutions… to put it delicately… less sophisticated, and this kind of cooperation is as well financed by our Foundation.

Starting from 2016 the Foundation extends the frames of the international activity, both geographically, and topically. Thus, the oncological diseases will not be the exclusive area of medicine supported by the Foundation. By now we have set up a new project - the cardiological center in Croatia. And we are right in the process of establishing the center of mortality rate reduction during pregnancy and childbirth in Africa. And what is important – financial backing of the programs dealt with the cancer treatment of the adolescent is not cut as minimum.

Along with the mentioned activity I am permanently in search of the interesting and promising infrastructural projects, aimed at rising in living standards of the poorest countries of the world. I wish I could make my personal and probably very modest contribution to this acute and currently very important process. It is much more future – oriented to “bring” a piece of the civilized Europe to the poorest regions, rather than to accept in Europe millions (to be more precise dozens of millions) of immigrants from there!

The distinguishing feature of our Foundation is that basically the only source of financing its activity comes from my personal means. But if you like our Foundation activity and want to join us - you will find the comprehensive information in the section “DO YOU WANT TO HELP?”

Thank you again!