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Oksana Antonova

JUNE 2017. What could be more important and relevant in life than to see the former patient healthy, full of energy, spirit, inner beauty and happiness. Oksana has passed through all the toughness we just can imagine to enjoy at full every second of her life. God bless!


27/03/17 Today is Oksana's birthday! Our dearest, be happy. You are so strong and beautiful!


14/01/16 Gorgeously looking Oksana. Happy New Year!

30/09/15 Fantastic Kislovodsk holiday!


12/08/15 More than half a year Oksana was monitored by the doctors. The mere thought of the disease relapse made our life unbearable.

Fortunately our fears and worries were dispelled. It is impossible to describe how happy we are.



Lubov Kalashnikova

JUNE 2017 Happiness of our former patients is the best inspiration in life!

20/09/15 Life goes on!!


01/08/15 Luba shared the pictures taken during the vacation on the Baikal lake. Fantastic views!


05/03/15 - These wonderful gifts are made by Luba. Be healthy and give your love and warmth to each other!

20/02/15 - It finally happened! Full remission is achieved! To say we are happy just to say nothing!

The letter below was received from Luba's parents. In the moments like this we feel that we are really needed. 

"We are the parents of Luba Shumilova – Kalashnikova, and we would like to thank so much Mark Kaufman personally and the staff of his charitable foundation for the invaluable support, rendered to our family. It is impossible to describe what we had to go through since we learnt Luba’s dreadful diagnosis – cancer.

Luba was fighting against the disease never losing self – control. She fearlessly stood all the medical procedures, mobilizing all the possible strength not to give up and not to break down. We, surely, did our best to support her, to give her confidence that together we would cope with everything. But the reality was frightful. It was just horrible when the doctors in the Irkutsk cancer center told us that the prognosis was really bad with practically no chances for survival. We were weak – kneed while waiting for the response from Rogachev Center. And we were afraid when we partially paid the treatment understanding that we would never be able to cover all the expenses. The assistance that came from Mark Kaufman charitable foundation was hard to overestimate, and it can’t be measured financially…. We got a chance for the young Kalashnikov family to live, to love and to be happy.

We would like to thank as well Antonina Koroleva - a person of a big heart and immense soul. Her telephone call with a question: “My dear girls, how are you doing?” was priceless.

Thank you all for your help and support in bad times for our family. God blesses you!

Feeling endless gratitude,

Svetlana and Mikhail Shumilov".



Lubov Rubina

JUNE 2017

Our first patient, our flagship, our brightly shining beacon



14/01/2016 New Year and Christmas mood!


23/07/2015 Our lovely Luba is enjoyng the time in Altai Mountains!


12/05/2015 Luba came to Moscow for several days. That was fantastic time together!


18/03/2015  Luba has successfully passed all the exams at the University. The examination sitting is over. Our congratulations!











Today is a special day for many women – a day of spring and love…. And exactly today is Lubanineteenth birthday.

Luba Rubina is the first patient of our foundation, and she is a real stream of sun.

Luba gives so much love, warmth and optimism to us, that we feel full of strength to go ahead.

Happy birthday, our sweetheart! May each day be full of joy and happiness!

04/03/2015  Rush time for Luba - getting ready for another examination period. Good luck!

15/01/2015  We were so happy to receive the results of the latest medical check. Everything is just perfect. Nine months without cancer!


05/12/14 - Luba passed all the exams and deserved this break. We love you so much!


17/11/14 - Luba is getting ready for the examination period at the University. We all keep the fingers crossed!

13/10/14 - The control survey is behind! Thanks Goodness everything is fine with our girl!

02/10/14 - Luba is having the planned control medical check. Let's wish her good luck!

10/09/14 - Luba started a new academic year as a student of law faculty. We are absolutely sure that such a strong girl will succeed in everything.

20/08/14 - We can't express how proud we are of Luba Rubina, who having come through a serious survival test, knows exactly, how it is important to help people in need.... and especially children.

13/08/14 - We have got great news. Luba has entered the law faculty of Altai State University! Our congratulations!


07/07/14 - A well - deserved vacation in Altai Mountains


23/06/14 - Finally the exams are over. Here are the pictures from the School Graduation Ceremony!



"I would like to express the words of an immense gratitude to the Charitable Foundation of Mark Kaufman for the financial support, rendered to us during the stay and treatment at the Rogachev Center. Regretfully, when Luba reached the age of 18, we faced a grave problem of covering the expenses of further treatement which costed so much... The cost of our treatment was fully covered by the Foundation of Mark Kaufman. Beside the formalities, Antonina Koroleva demonstrated the personal care and commitment! Thank you so much for the help and the saved children lives!".

Olga Rubina


Alexander Ten

JUNE 2017. Sasha do not stop proving how strong and purposeful he is. He brilliantly studies in one of the most difficult and prestigious Universities, works and even got a driving liсence. We are so proud of you!


25/03/2016 Fantastic news! The results of the medical check are good! Sasha has passed a 2 - year barrier. Absolutely happy!



14/01/2016 New Year celebration at home. What could be better...

13/10/2015 Tretiakov Gallery... Another wonderful meeting.

23/07/2015 Hard time is left behind! Sasha has entered Bauman Moscow State Technical University. Fantastic news!

25/05/2015 Here is the exam schedule for the forthcoming 2 weeks. Good luck, Sasha. We all keep fingers crossed!

May, 28 - Russian
June, 4 - Math
June, 8 - Social science
June, 11 - Physics.



 22/04/2015 - Fantastic new! Sasha was nominated the winner of the Academic Olympics held by St. Petersburg State Electrotechnical University. We are just one step from being a student. Let's keep fingers crossed.

12/04/2015 - Today is Sasha's birthday. We all wish you sound health and fulfilment of all the desires even those that seem to be unrealistic! 


25/03/2015 - Look how stylish our Sasha is!

17/01/2015 - Let's have fun!!


15/01/2015 - Sasha came to Moscow for the medical check. The results are really good. Eight months without cancer! What might be more important?


08/12/2014 - We are so happy to announce that Sasha has successfully written a theme and got the offficial admission to the State Exams. Well done!

01/10/2014 - The long-waited studies have started. Sasha is absolutely happy and full of energy!


10/09/2014 - A new academic year started. Sasha plans to go for pre-study courses to prepare for the Unified national exams in Russian, Maths and Physics. Given that the studies start in October, he is just enjoying the time now.


18/08/2014 Sasha has just come back from vacation. Issyk-Kul lake views.


17/07/14 - Sasha is enjoying his stay in Almaty.


23/06/14 - We are so happy that Sasha did not miss the School Graduation Ceremony!



19/06/14 The long-awaited moment has finally come! Almost 5 months of severe trials are left behind! 

"I would like to express my sincere and hearty gratitude to the Charitable Foundation of Mark Kaufman for MY LIFE! Thanks to your financial support I have a chance to see my relatives and friends and to lead a full life. The treatment of cancer demands a lot of strengh and efforts: from doctors and the patient, of course. But sometimes it is not enough and quite often useless without the financial assistance. I underwent the treatment in the Cancer Center n.a. Dmitry Rogachev and when I reached the age of 18 I could not stay there and continue the treatment gratuitously. I desperately needed the help... and it came from Mark Kaufman Charitable Foundation, which fully covered the expenses for my stay and treatment in the Center. The same situation happened to Luba Rubina, who was in the same department of young adults. I am so happy that she was cured as well! My hearty thanks are to Antonina Koroleva for her kindness and encouraging moral support. The world is no without good people!

Alexander Ten